“Al vigneto” Farmhouse

A vineyard and a farmhouse in the Colli di Parma DOC wine production area.

The “Al vigneto” farmhouse is an integral part of the Wine Farm of Federico Amadei. It was established in 1992 with the purchase of the “Casa Campanini” farm, the company covers two parallel hills oriented north-south, at an altitude between 270 and 330 meters, connected to form a hemicycle at the top of which there is an old farmhouse in stone. At the centre, there is a pond surrounded by natural vegetation. Along the local road of Pozzolo, which crosses the hill from north to south more to the west, the route runs in the nature called “La Costa” which connects Barbiano of Felino to San Michele Tiorre.
The farmhouse structure is joined to a long terrace leaning towards the 28 hectares of estate vineyards; an observation point and an ideal listening location where you can enjoy a wide panoramic view of Parma and the Po Valley. In the background, to the northwest, you can catch a sight of the shape of the Felino Castle, to the south the Apennines and to the north, on the clearest days, you can admire throughout the Alps Arc.
It is the ideal place for an aperitif at sunset, for a lunch on a cool spring day or after a hot summer day to have dinner caressed by the refreshing breeze of the evening, located about a 20 minute drive from the centre of Parma, A warm and family welcome will accompany you to discover the beauty, flavours and culture of the city and its province.

Agriturismo al Vigneto Parma
Agriturismo al Vigneto Parma
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